There’s been a huge change in the job market. Five years ago it was relatively simple for skilled workers to find a job. Since the GFC the number of job vacancies has dropped dramatically and as a result finding a job is not easy now.

In my time working in recruitment and outplacement companies the biggest mistake I see is job seekers that fail to plan. They simply don’t have a job search plan, or their job search plan is too simple or doesn’t consider all of the important factors they need to consider. Many think that they only need to send an application and a resume in order to land a job. This strategy will not guarantee being seen by recruiters or hiring managers. Unfortunately, even with extremely good skills and experience, this job search plan will fail.


In order to have the greatest chance of being seen and selected for a job interview, job seekers need to have a comprehensive job search plan that has not just 2 or 3 strategies but as many as 10 strategies. What should be in your job search plan? Here is a list of the 10 strategies that your job search plan should contain.

  1. Defining your career objective
  2. Completing an achievement Statement
  3. Drafting a comprehensive Resume that addresses all of the selection criteria
  4. Creating an on-line profile
  5. Having a profile on Social media
  6. Researching your industry
  7. Understanding your skill, knowledge or competency gaps
  8. Targeting potential organisations
  9. Expanding your network
  10. Preparing for and practising your interview techniques

If you use these strategies, then you are on the right path to landing your next job. If you would like help with your job search plan or if, you simply don’t have the time then you owe it to yourself to give leading Resumes a call.